Questions Answered About Zipslim by Beyond Slim

💜🍋 ZIP SLIM Q&A!! 🍋💜

✔️How much Caffeine is in the ZipSlim?

There’s 100mg in the Charged version, which is equivalent to a cup of coffee, and our caffeine free version has no caffeine.

✔️Are these products FDA certified?

The FDA does not monitor supplements in the US. Not even the ones at GNC or Walmart. We do have an FDA approved facility where we manufacture them.

✔️Who is the doctor who formulated your products?

Dr. Mark Drucker, MD is one of the leading practitioners in the world for integrating the most effective health solutions from both alternative and traditional medicine, with a special focus on weight loss. He is the Co-Founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine in Encinitas, California. For the last 25 years, he has counseled thousands of patients from around the world on the most effective natural and science-based ways to regain their health and lose weight. With ZipSlim, his passion is to bring a delicious and effective solution to millions of people who struggle with the overweight/obesity epidemic that is so damaging to good health.

✔️Can I take this is I have heart problems, Diabetes, or other conditions?

We can not give you medical advice, but your coach can provide you with the ingredients to take to your doctor for conditions and pharmacist for medications (they know more about how it interacts with medications).

✔️Can I use this with my medications I take?

We recommend getting your pharmacist and doctor involved in that decision. Your Pharmacist will know if there are any ingredients you shouldn’t have with medications you currently take.

✔️Can my children use these supplements?

That’s a discussion you can have with your child’s pediatrician, that will always be parents and the doctors call for if you feel your child can benefit from ZipSlim.

✔️Can I take these while Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Always check with your physician, we can not give you medical advice, but your coach can provide you with the ingredients list to share with your physician.

✔️Citric acid… isn’t that sourced from mold?

A majority of citric acid is actually sourced from a type of mold, however our citric acid is from a natural non GMO source of cassava root.

✔️Why cane sugar?

If you ever wondered, why did we decide to add 3 g of sugar to our zip slim formula? There are several compelling reasons. This, of course, is a very low concentration of sugar, 3 grams. It’s a similar amount of sugar found in a serving of cucumber or string beans. In addition, it is a very healthy form of sugar, organic cane sugar. The benefits are that the small amount of sugar helps the nutrients found in zip slim get into your cells, especially when you take Zipslim on an empty stomach. The small amount of sugar, 3 grams, also helps your body and your cells stay hydrated. With both hydration and the metabolism boosting benefit of ZipSlim’s key ingredients, the result is a clear advantage in metabolism, and ability to lose weight . Last but not least, this small amount of sugar, greatly enhances, the flavor and your enjoyment of ZipSlim. It doesn’t matter how good something works unless you want to take it because it taste delicious! So no need to be concerned about the sugar in zip slim. It is a very low concentration. It is a healthy form of sugar, and it helps ZIP slim get into your cells and boost metabolism.

✔️Why sugar and stevia?

Flavor, the combination helps to make this a delicious supplement. There is a very small amount of erythritol, and also Stevia, which are the last two ingredients of the other ingredient list. They are so small that they do not get listed under the supplement facts.
This means there’s less than 1 g of both erythritol or Stevia and that’s why they do not get listed
So the 3 g of added sugar refers to the organic cane sugar

✔️Why is this Vegetarian friendly and not also Vegan friendly?

Because Vitamin D3 is actually sourced from lanolin made from sheep’s wool (sounds funny, but it’s true that this is a big source of the world’s Vitamin D3). It being an animal source makes it not able to be labeled Vegan Friendly.

✔️How soon will I start to see results?

Individual results will vary from person to person, but in a published clinical study, fifty overweight people (BMI 28-36) using a key ingredient in ZipSlim, along with a lower calorie diet (1,350 calories for women; 1,850 for men), lost 30 pounds in just 13 weeks, compared to just 10 pounds for those following the lower calorie diet alone.
For best results, we recommend following the guidelines in our Beyond Slim Metabolic Reboot Program Guide which are provided FREE of charge when you place your first order.

✔️Are the ingredients clean?

No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives
Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Vegetarian Friendly
Keto and Paleo friendly

✔️How does it work?

This super charged beverage helps to reboot your metabolism. Truly delivers a 1-2-3 counterpunch to Metabolic Overload, to repair our damaged or slowing metabolism.
📌First, it can activate the enzyme AMPK, so your body uses food for fuel instead of storing it as fat.
📌Second, it helps healthy blood sugar levels to stay in balance, so you don’t get see-saws of energy and metabolic activity.
📌Third, it can control cravings, so you simply eat less!

✔️Are there samples?

Yes we do- but it’s mainly to try the flavor. We really recommend trying a full month to see and feel a difference! The benefits really stack overtime to reboot your metabolism and give you the results you truly want. Plus there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

✔️Is there a discount program?

Yes there is, it’s called Subscribe & Save and it saves you $80 on your full months supply (2 bags) of ZipSlim, more if you add on RS90. Your 4th month, you become a Loyal Customer and get an additional $20 off a month supply of ZipSlim ($10 a bag).
**Yes you can even move the date around in the same month of your order, but if you need to skip a month, you simply cancel your subscription, your coach is able to help you with this.

✔️What is the Reboot 66?

It’s a community that shares workouts, motivation, recipes, the Reboot 66 Daily Rituals… and yes, during the challenge phases, there are BIG cash prizes! Get in touch with the coach who invited you to be added to the community!


Omg Tonya!! You know I’m taking a really deep dive into the science behind AMPK and look what I just found!! Pub med article.

Indeed, current evidence indicates that AMPK activators may reduce risk for atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke; help to prevent ventricular hypertrophy and manage congestive failure; ameliorate metabolic syndrome, reduce risk for type 2 diabetes, and aid glycemic control in diabetics; reduce risk for weight gain; decrease risk for a number of common cancers while improving prognosis in cancer therapy; decrease risk for dementia and possibly other neurodegenerative disorders; help to preserve the proper structure of bone and cartilage; and possibly aid in the prevention and control of autoimmunity.