About Me

Live your own truth.

Mom, Wife, & Encourager

Anna Godfrey has been a leader in the home based business industry for several years. She has a passion to help people build confidence, grow personally, and make amazing changes in their lives. She is a mother of 2 amazing, bold, and daring girls! Whether it’s soccer season (which is all year around), swim season, working at their school, or building a successful business, she finds time to play like a champion in life.

The Mom and Wife

Success in Business

Owning your own business can open doors and change lives. Anna has experienced the kind of life impacting changes a business can have such as saving her home from foreclosure, producing significant income from home, coaching future leaders, writing a leadership book, and building relationships with business partners all over the world.

The Coach

“You are not most people. You are the answer for most people.”