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What is Overstimulation with Snaps?

What is overstimulation? Overstimulation with products, snaps, happens when the snaps might be too strong for your system or you may be using more than you can handle. Signs you may be over stimulated: HeadachesFeeling irritable or short temperedCrashing rather than feeling energizedWeight gain and/or bloatingNot being able to sleepFeeling a lack of focusFeeling anxiousJitters… Continue reading What is Overstimulation with Snaps?


What Does the Buff Brush Do?

Do you like full coverage foundation? Then you will love the buff brush! When you use crème foundation, the brush makes a difference on what kind of coverage you get. This is for anyone with mature skin or wanting full coverage. Use the larger end for full coverage highlights.Use the smaller end for sculpting contour… Continue reading What Does the Buff Brush Do?


Why Seint Brush Cleaner?

It's important that you keep your tools clean. It's easy to forget regular makeup brush cleaning, but here are 5 reasons to make it a priority. Prevent acne and clogged pores.Better color application. Clean and healthy tools work better.Maintains soft brushes. This ensures less skin irritation.Prevent germs and bacteria, on your skin and in your… Continue reading Why Seint Brush Cleaner?