SeneGence SeneSerum-C

🍊SeneGence SeneSerum-C

Dermatologists say that if you can use only one skincare product, it should be VITAMIN C.

Yes, there are other Vitamin C treatments on the market. BUT, did you know that most products containing Vitamin C have it mixed in with all the other ingredients?! 🤔

What does that mean? 🤷🏼‍♀️

It means that the Vitamin C is *most likely* not active anymore by the time it reaches you and you begin to use that product… That’s wasting! Product, time & money!!

💙That’s why SeneGence has the Vitamin C that’s in our SeneSerum-C separated into small pearls so that it doesn’t mix with any other ingredients until you pump out the product you’re going to use, giving you all the Vitamin C that your skin deserves! 😍 & those pearls look beautiful with the improved formula!

SeneSerum C… This is a must-have!!


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