Lashsense: DIY LASH EXTENSIONS Powered by Lashify

Each set comes with EVERYTHING YOU NEED for your lashes:

🌸 3 Lengths of lashes – (Short, Medium & Long) in our “Plumeria” lash style, featuring a natural, delicate, wispy lash with a thin seam. Made for every day, effortless wear and perfect for a soft, natural look.

🌸 Blooming Bond in Black – exclusively designed to old your LashSense lashes in place. Creates a flexible and nourishing cushion under your lash line, protecting the roots from weight and tension so you can enjoy a DAMAGE-FREE experience.

🌸 Applicator – specifically designed to precisely place your lashes onto your applied Blooming Bond, and fuses your lashes to bond for a long-lasting wear – up to TEN DAYS! 🤯

These lashes are EASY to apply. WILL NOT damage your lashes. and LOOK AMAZING. This is total game-changer for those who have struggled with lash glue, magnetics, or even lash extensions which can cause MAJOR DAMAGE to your natural lashes.

PLUS, you’ll enjoy up to TEN days per application – and at least 3-4 applications per kit! 🤯🔥

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