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It’s All About Perception

It’s all about #perception!

The great thing about an entrepreneur is that they are very motivated to succeed. They know that the results of their efforts will flow directly to them. Because of that, they invest in whatever time and energy it takes to get the job done, knowing that they will be the beneficiary of that investment.

Here is a story that makes my point – that illustrates the entrepreneurial approach to business (and to life).

Many years ago two tribes in the remote region of the Anders were feuding. One tribe lived in the mountains and the other lived in the lowlands. One day a village of the highlanders raided a village in the lowlanders and kidnapped a baby.

The next day the lowlanders assembled a team of warriors to rescue the baby. But the lowlanders did not know the trails up the mountain, nor were they skilled at mountain climbing. They struggled to ascend the mountain but they only made it half way up. Discouraged, they turned to descend.

Suddenly, to their amazement, they saw a frail woman coming down the mountain with a baby in her arms.

One of the warriors approached her. He recognized her as a woman from his tribe. He realized that the infant was her child.

“How were you able to scale the mountain?! How were you able to find and rescue your child? We are trained warriors. We did our best and could not get even half way up the mountain!”

She answered, “it wasn’t your baby.”

This story speaks to the entrepreneurial approach. Although you are just beginning your journey, as an entrepreneur you are building something that can change your life. If you stay the course over the next 100 days and beyond…you may end up with a business that provides you with income, freedom, satisfaction, and pride.

Since your business is “your baby” you should be motivated to find ways to work through setbacks. And there will be plenty of those. But, where others are deterred (the lowlander warriors), you will not be.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. There will be times when you will doubt your journey. When you will question why you considered an entrepreneurial venture in the first place. When you have to squint to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, your business is “your baby” and where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you stay committed, f you continue to do the right things, if you get up every time you get knocked down, well then, you have a shot at seeing “your baby” grow into a tall, strong, and thriving adult.

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