Weight Loss Tips: Beyond Slim.Zipslim

On the way through your Zipslim journey, don’t forget to follow the 9 Reboot Rituals! They are huge in healthy change.

  1. Take before pictures from ultiple angles (Front, Back, Left & Right).
  2. Take measurements as wel aa mental note of cloathing sizes and how they fit.
  3. Sometimes the scale doesn’t move even when progress is being made, or worse yet, it could fluctuate up.
  4. When fat is reducing and you’re having muscle gains, that’s boyd recomposition. Just remember that the scae is not the “end all, be all” on true transformational journies.
  5. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day.
  6. Make sure you’re getting electrolytes as well to replace what you flush abs sweat out in a day.
  7. Sleeping 7-9 hours is the recommended daily amount, especially if weight loss is a goal, it is important to get adequate sleep.
  8. Move your body, aim for 20-30 minut4es a day 5-6 a week.

Dietary changes that will improve results:

  • Eliminate high calorie, high sugar drinks
  • Avoid alcohol
  • REduce or eliminate fast food & processed foods
  • Reduce or eliminate fried foods
  • Reduce eliminate simple carbs & refined sugars

Remember: The weight didn’t come on overnight and true weightloss won’t happen overnight either. Keep going! You’ve got this!