Lemonade Stand

Anna’s Lemonade Stand

How to make my Skinny Lemonade 

Option 1:

Buy mid level quality ingredients and spend $180 a month or buy the better quality, non-gmo, no fillers of these 14 ingredients and spend around $347 a month!

Option 2:

Keep it simple with my full circle wellness lemonade. Quality ingredients, Non-gmo, no fillers. Organic, gluten free,FDA registered, GMP, NSF, certified HACCP. Save $$ each month.

ZIP was Developed by Dr. Mark Drucker M.D., Founder of the Center for Advanced Medicine in southern California, he is one of the leading doctors in the country for Weight Management. Backed by Clinical studies with data available in 8 key areas of benefits showing the effectiveness.

 Energy without the jitters
Top weight loss Dr. Formulated  memory and focus.  3X the weight loss (clinically proven).  

30 day money back guarantee. 

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