Tips for Mature Skin and Creme Makeup

Mature Skin Tips

Here are some simple tips to aid in your creme makeup journey!

  1. Dad your makeup into your skin instead of wiping it.
  2. Use a perfecto sponge to blend in excess makeup and keep it from settling into pores.
  3. Moisturize your skin AM and PM for a smooth application. You want smooth skin not smooth makeup.
  4. Our brows frame our face. As we get older, they begin to thin out over time. Use a line brush and a contour or shadow shade to fill your brows in.
  5. Do not put shimmer shades under your eyes or sparkles. It will draw attention to fine lines.
  6. Don’t put setting powder under your eyes if you have fine lines. The powder will settle in the crease and create texture where you don’t want texture.

The best tools for mature skin:

Buff brush

Blush and bronzer brush

Line brush

Eyeshadow brush

Perfector sponge

Setting spray

Brush cleaner

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