Tips for Oily Skin and Creme Makeup

Oily skin tips

Be sure you are using Seint products as they are intended to be used:

  • No primer-Silicone bases can cause makeup to slide
  • No moisturizer- unless you wait 5-10 min to dry

Tools you will want to add on:

  • Vanilla Dust- Use with our powder brush or perfector.
  • Setting spray- always shake well and spritz on your perfecto sponge.
  1. Spray the perfector sponge with setting spray.
  2. Près perfection onto face to prime before makeup. Repeat again after makeup application to ensure oil control and longer wearing time.
  3. Apply loose setting powder to T-zone. Press into skin.
  4. Use very little product. Less is more!

If you feel like you can’t get your oil under control, let’s talk about your skin care regimen.

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