What does Seint Illuminator Do?

Seint Illuminator is basically a highlighting shimmer color. It comes in creme or powder. You will put it anywhere you want a shimmer or highlight.

Lifts Cheekbones

If you use it at the top of your cheekbones, you will see a lift. We want to make sure we lift our face up and not make it look saggy.

Brightens Eyes

You can use it at your brow bone, on your lids, and on the inside corner of your eye to brighten your eyes up.

Eye Shadow

This makes a perfect eyeshadow if you are into shimmer on your eyes. You can put it in the center of your lid to give a glow to your look.

Enhances lips

If you put it at the top of your lip after you put your lip color on, it will enhance your lip and help give the illusion of fuller lips.


If you want to glow and shine, then this is something that will make you feel beautiful. You can put it anywhere you want a glowing look.

Tip: Try putting it on your collarbones in the summer time.

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