What does the Seint Powder Brush do?

Do you have oily areas? Have no fear, the Powder Brush is here.

Tight compact bristles make baking a breeze.

Smaller curved end applies powder to set your highlight.

The angled end sets and applies powder to your contour areas.

This is great for applying powder in hard to reach areas like eyes and around nose.


What does the Seint IIID Brush do?

Believe it or not, our most popular product is not makeup! It’s the IIID Brush! This crowd favorite is designed to apply your Seint IIID Foundation flawlessly. We need to make your skin actually look like skin. This is an asset to that process.

One of the best starter brushes.

Use the larger end for contour.

Smaller end is perfect for applying highlight in a flash. Great around the eyes.

You can apply all of your IIID foundation with this brush.

If you can ONLY get ONE…this is it.


Seint’s Frenchie-What it Does


Frenchie is one of my all time favorite lip and cheek colors! Not only is it a beautiful neutral shade, it has color correcting magical properties.

  • Perfect cheek color for light/fair skin tones.
  • Satin finish makes it a beautiful matte lip shade.
  • Conceals hyper pigmentation and dark sun spots on fair skin.
  • Cancels out blue on light/fair skin. Great for dark circles.

*note-pricing make change. Please see my site for current prices.