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Nangai Oil

Nangai Oil πŸ’™

SeneGence only uses A+ ingredients (The highest grade there is) in all of their products. That’s why we are different and our products truly do what they say they will and we have the proof.

πŸ’™ Nangai is a rich nut found on the tropical island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific, and is known for its beneficial uses providing anti-inflammatory and deeply hydrating benefits.

πŸ’™Triglycerides help enhance your skin’s ability to retain precious moisture. πŸ’¦

πŸ’™ We are the only cosmetic company in the whole world to have access to these trees so you won’t find it anywhere else. Nangai Oil is unique because it does not require any

chemical process to extract the triglycerides, unlike coconut oil.

πŸ’™ Pure caprylic/capric triglycerides are naturally present in Nangai Oil, and DO NOT require processing or manufacturing in order to create the purest, most beneficial product to moisturize your skin.

πŸ’™This is why we can say that the triglycerides present in Nangai Oil are all-natural. These natural triglycerides form a barrier on skin that stops water from evaporating, and at the same time, it does not feel greasy or heavy. Nangai oil is 100% natural and has so many uses.

πŸ€ͺ CRAZY FACT: Our Nangai oil is the MOST

hydrating ingredient on the planet 🌍 to date. Not opinion, but fact! It’s made up of 94%-97% triglycerides. It is the purest form of moisture known today that can be applied to the skin. On top of that, we also have our SenePlex Complex in our Nangai Oil which speeds up cellular renewal. This stuff is pure GOLD!!! ✨

πŸ’™ Here are a few Nangai Oil skin benefits:

1. Anti-Inflammatory: helps relieve dry skin issues, inflammation, and irritation

2. Moisturizing & Anti-Aging: deeply quenches and locks in moisture

3. Quick absorbing: leaves skin healthy and


4. Helps reduce the signs of aging, making skin luminous, glowing, and deeply hydrated skin. Great for all ages and any skin type.