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Climate Control by Senegence

An absolute MUST HAVE —>> Climate Control.


The purest form of hydration, that does wonders for any/all skin types!

One bottle can last you approximately 4-5 months, when used twice a day. You’ll even find this product useful for many other skin nourishing reasons, outside of your normal facial routine!

By now you have been seeing a lot of the term “SenePlex Complex” and how this patented enzyme is ONLY found in our SeneGence products.

SenePlex Complex increases the rate of our cellular regeneration and is in nearly every product we offer. That regeneration of cells is what gives you that perfectly soft, glowing and healthy skin.

What makes Climate Control such a big deal?

Climate Control contains the highest concentration of SenePlex Complex, out of all of our products!! 😱

This is the truly the magical step that NEEDS to be in your skin routine! 😘

💧 Climate Control with 👉🏼Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid is used to plump skin, boost collagen, renew cells and repair skin damage!

The molecules in Climate Control are so small that they actually penetrate the skin and go deep down into the dermis level !!

Other products claim to have Hyaluronic Acid in them but they don’t have the small molecular size to actually penetrate deep to cellular level like Climate Control does. AMAZING!!!

Hyaluronic Acid combined with SenePlex Complex is why Climate Control is so unbelievably hydrating and undoubtedly anti-aging. Best part….it’s safe for all skin types!

And everyone needs hydration on their skin…even oily skin!! Remember there’s a difference between hydration & moisturization!

This is a favorite of so many distributors & customers. Are you one of them? I’d love to hear below what you think of it?

If I had to choose just ONE SeneGence product to take on a deserted island…THIS IS IT!

Climate Control 💦

Inactive on the left and ACTIVATED on the right.

Isn’t that cool? It doesn’t activate until you get it and shake, shake, shake it up!! This keeps the ingredients most potent until you’re ready to use them!

There’s a reason why I sell more Climate Control than any other skin care product! Personally, I use it day & night and in between for all the things! 🤩

The ULTIMATE anti-aging facial hydrator.

And remember… HYDRATION = less wrinkles 😉

You will have no regrets, promise!! 🎉

Have you snagged yourself this MIRACLE IN A BOTTLE?

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