$49 Special to become a beyond slim coach

Go beyond slim with ZipSlim

If you know me, I just leap. I don’t wait for “the right time” because there is no right time. If you’re always waiting, then you never begin. $49 to become a beyond slim coach. Zipslim and RS90 are amazing products developed by a doctor who has helped so many people.

So many reasons that $49 will change your life…
💜 earn $50-$70 per sale
💜 opportunity is simple
💜 get you product free each month by gathering 2 customers each month
💜 this lemonade not only works but tastes amazing
💜 open in the US only right now but more will open as we grow
💜 $49 to become a coach right now instead of $99
💜 I run my business from my app
💜 90 day back guarantee with product
💜 you get 5 free samples to send for every 5 new customers
💜 you do not have to build a team to make money
💜 this product is going viral
💜 lemonade isn’t complicated…so many good vitamins
💜 flip your switch…turn your metabolism on
💜 boost your mood
💜 boost your energy
💜 sleep better
💜 reduce cortisol cravings
💜 no crazy diet needed
💜 boost focus
💜 no drama or bs
💜 clean energy

This list can go on and on….

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