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Tips for Taking Care of Yourself

Self care tips

Does self-care ever feel like another thing on your to-do list? Maybe you desperately need self-care, but you’re never sure exactly how to make it happen?

There’s a lot of information out there about self-care, which usually only makes things more confusing when all you know is that you need to take care of yourself, but you’re not sure what that should look like.

That’s what we are here for- we are here to help guide you to finding what’s best in your specific journey: Look at self-care in terms of seven pillars. Seven might sound like a lot, but once you know them, you can better recognize what needs work in your life instead of trying to do everything and ending up doing nothing instead.

The pillars of self-care:

The seven pillars of self-care work together to bring a sense of wholeness to your life.

01 MENTAL: Mental self-care is about cultivating a healthy mindset through mindfulness and curiosity.

02 EMOTIONAL: Emotional self-care involves taking care of your heart with healthy coping strategies.

03 PHYSICAL: Physical self-care involves taking care of your body with exercise, nutrition, and proper sleep.

04 ENVIRONMENTAL: Environmental self-care involves taking care of the spaces and places around you.

05 SPIRITUAL: Spiritual self-care involves activities or practices that give a sense of meaning to your life.

06 RECREATIONAL: Recreational self-care involves making time for hobbies, fun activities, and new experiences.

07 SOCIAL: Social self-care involves building relationships with regular connection and healthy boundaries.

Seeing this list might feel overwhelming. You might think you have to find some kind of perfect balance between them all. You don’t need to focus on finding a perfect balance between them all, especially all at once, you might need to focus on one area for a week, maybe even a month. When you’re ready, you can focus on adding in more as you go.

What’s most important is noticing which one (or two) area needs your attention most so that it doesn’t start dragging the other areas down along with it.

Taking care of you is so important for your health & wellness- make sure you are intentional about it even on the crazy & busy times because that’s when you probably are in need of it most!

Which ones resonate with you? Which ones listed above will you be practicing next?!

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