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Zipslim Ingredients

These are the benefits of the ingredients in Zipslim. These are not medical claims, but the ingredient benefits that anyone can commonly find on the internet doing their own research.

Vitamin C

  • Essential in maintaining a healthy immune system, and the formation of collagen.
  • Immunity Booster
  • Powerful Antiocidant
  • Helps form collagen.

Vitamin D3

  • Helps protect against sun damage and fight signs of aging along with regular sun block.
  • Support heart health and immune function.
  • Aid cognitive and mental function.
  • Improve muscle mass.
  • Aid weight loss.
  • Works in maintaining a healthy mood.
  • Ruduce muscle and joint pain.


  • Supports healthy nerve function.
  • Provides energy.
  • Maintains healthy metabolic function.
  • Heart-healthy.
  • Promotes cardiovascular health.


  • Converts food into energy.
  • Protein formation: Creating new proteins from amino acids.
  • Gene Maintenance: Helping create and repair DNA and RNA.
  • Muscle Movements: Aiding in muscle contraction and relaxation.
  • Nervous System Regulation: Regulating neurotransmitters which send message through your brain and nervous system.

Ashwaganda (KSM-66)

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Calms the brain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation


  • Gradually increases antioxidents in your body.
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Works agains depression.


  • Antioxidant
  • Anti- inflammatory
  • Helps control blood sugar.
  • Help prevent heart disease.

Milk Thistle

  • Most famous for its role in liver and gull bladder treatments.
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • May also improve diabetes type 2.

Alpha Lipoid Acid

  • Antioxidant
  • It crosses the blood-brain barrier.
  • So good for the nervous system.
  • Deacreases A1-C


  • Reduces stress.
  • Helpful in anxiety and depression.
  • Reduces chronic fatigue symptoms.
  • Weightloss and mental function.


  • Reduces pain
  • Anti-aging and skin benefits
  • Aides digestion
  • Reduces Nausea
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Supports Heart Health
  • Eases PMS cramps


  • Promotes Kidney and Renal System Health.

Chromium (Chromax)

  • Promotes excellent insulin function
  • Boosts Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Reduces caloric intake
  • Improves muscle maintenance while losing weight (fat loss while keeping lean muscle)

Green Tea Leaf Extract (Green select)

  • Antioxidant
  • Heart Health
  • Protects brain from oxidative stress
  • Aides in weight loss
  • Benefits liver function
  • Helps muscle performance and recovery
  • May lower blood sugars

Organic Cane Sugar (Not a Main ingedient)

  • Boosts serotonin
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • Can help manage stress levels
  • High in Polyphenols (antioxidants)
  • Nutrient rich ingredient