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What is the Difference Between Beyond Slim Social Referral Marketing vs Traditional MLM?

Multi-level Marking Model (Traditional MLM)

  1. Often requires or even encourages large initial purchases of inventory or “Business Builder Packs” of $500, $1000, $2000, or more in order to earn certain commssions or bonuses.
  2. Often requires or expects distributors to be “Active” each month by personally purchasing $50-$300 worth of roducts to qualify for commissions and bonuses.
  3. Often allow distributors to purchase large and expensive amounts of inventory at the end of the month to “qualify” for certain commissions and bonuses and to increase their title.
  4. Often pay little commissions, sometimes as low as 5-10% when you enroll a new customer. This pushes more money to the top of the plan for the top 0.1% who are “Heavy Hitters” at the expense of a part-time people who are doing most of the work,

Beyond Slim’s Difference: Social Referral Marketing

  1. No “Business Builder Packs” at all, and not initial inventory purchases required or encouraged in order to earn any commisssions or bonuses.
  2. No personal purchase is ever required to become “Active” or eligible to earn income. The only way to become eligible to earn income is by enrolling customers who purchase products.
  3. Point # 3 above: This fake business practice is not allowed. Coaches are only paid on the first 200 product points tha qa customer or coach purchase in a given month.
  4. Pays an industry-leading 50% to coaches each time they enroll a new custoemr for 3 full months. Earn 10-40% ongoing for customers who continue to purchase after their third month.

Why Become a Coach for Beyond Slim?