What are your morning rituals?

What are your morning rituals on? What does the first hour of your day look like?

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”

My mornings during the week are a little different than the weekend. Weekday mornings are pretty much the same. Wake up, get ready for work, take Emma to school, and head to my office. Sometimes I wear make-up to school, but not always. I do make sure to do a full skin care routine morning and night. If your skin is right, then makeup will be smother and more beautiful. Skin is in. When I get to work, I take my medicine, drink my Zipslim lemonade to get my vitamins. I drink a 32 glass of water after my skinny lemonade. I do have 1 cup of coffee after. I usually have fruit for breakfast. Yogurt and granola/berries around lunch time. I do those little rirtuals between doing my job and being a mom. Weekends, I sleep in a little, drink coffee, and have some breakfast. Drink my Lemonade, then I usually go boxing. After boxing, I’m usually running around with my family. Emma and Lanie have sports on the weekend usually. I have been trying to make my bed in the mornings. It makes me feel ready for the day and less chaotic.

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