Girlish Thoughts-Poem

Love this Kevin Walsh!
-It’s very thoughtful!*

By Kevin Walsh,

“Is there a chunk of rock out there
that sits higher than the moon?
perhaps a ragged planet
shaped more like a balloon….
is there a man who lives there keeping
my moon hanging from a rope?
some sage-like crazy poet
who on his lonely ball can cope.
gazing towards the stars at night
my thoughts are filled with hope….
thinking maybe the lonely mystic
can somehow read my mind,
and in those floating thoughts of mine
some kind of light he’ll find.
a bit of love perhaps will make
his world a brighter place.
would thoughts of me looking upward
put a smile upon his face.
can he feel me down here waiting
in a state of grace,
oh, these silly girlish thoughts
do indeed make my heart race.”

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