How I Felt May of 2020

I’m very emotional this morning. Riots, people being killed, people feeling unsafe, people feeling hopeless because of an incompetent leader, neighborhoods being destroyed, pandemic, racism…the list goes on.

It’s so much to take in. If great leaders are going to emerge, nows the time. Someone needs to help navigate us. Who we have now isn’t cutting it. Great leaders unite, inspire, and help guide their people not use their ignorance to tear them apart. We need the great uniters not the great divider. We need to start being leaders and stop following blindly.

Challenge: Do something in your community to help unite your people and change the focus on this unrest.

Don’t let hate and fear blind us. If everyone did one small thing to help, then great changes will happen. Even if that one thing is voting and encouraging people to register to vote. Use your voice. Exercise your right to vote.

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