How is your sleep?

How often do you find yourself laying in bed, well past your bedtime, with a brain that’s decided it’s time to party?

I don’t know about you but my brain doesn’t like to power down at night, which can be frustrating.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself an insomniac, but something really annoying happens in my head most nights. Exhausted from a busy day, I crawl under the covers, snuggle my head into the pillow, and slowly drift into slee- Just kidding.

My brain has decided it’s now the perfect time to imagine every possible outcome of that conversation I have planned with a friend tomorrow. Or it starts noticing how bland my wall is and comes up with ideas on how to redecorate. Or an Eminem song is suddenly stuck on repeat in my head.

These poses I was given as a suggestion to try by a friend & are some of my favorites for getting relaxed and sleepy. I really enjoy doing them in bed, but you can absolutely do these on your yoga mat.

I would suggest keeping some pillows handy in case you want extra support in any of the poses.

This isn’t a set sequence. Maybe pick and choose a few each day and see which ones help you feel the most relaxed. It’s up to you on how long you hold each pose, but I like to give myself a minimum of 1-2 minutes to help slow things down.

Here’s to some amazing sleep, friends!😴💤

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