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How to Identify Your Leaders

Have you ever wondered how to identify those leaders amongst your team? As a leader, you want to see everyone on your team succeed. Your ultimate goal is to sit in the back of the room while your leaders are up on stage leading the pack. You want to duplicate leadership amongst your team; you want your leaders to also duplicate leadership throughout their teams as well.

Layered leadership will ensure you have a strong organization as you build your teams over the years. You will create consistent and strong business people throughout your organization. If your leadership is strong and represented from your first level through your deepest levels of your team, you will ensure your organization will not collapse.

What are some things you need to look for to identify who you invest your time with? There is only one of you and you do not have the time to invest in every single person equally. You will burn yourself out which will ultimately slow your business down. You cannot want it more for other people than they want it for themselves. That may sound cliché, but it is a truth. Sometimes it’s easier to give birth than raise the dead. With that being said, let’s discuss ways you can identify those leaders within you organization.

They show up!

The people who show up to team meetings, calls, and events are top notch. If you show up, your business will go up. These people are investing in their business by staying engaged and plugged in. If they show up to the afore mentioned events, then this is a sign they are taking their business seriously.

They are eager to learn.

Run with excitement and speed of those who are eager to learn. They are willing to do what they have to do to get this business moving because they have the excitement that is attractive to prospective customers and team members. These leaders want to know everything there is to know about their business. They are excited to learn new skills that will help them build their business. They are eager to be mentored because succeeding is important to them. They want to know what to do and say to spread the word of their business. Those who are willing to grow and learn will set themselves apart from the pack. If someone thinks they know everything, their minds are closed to new ways. Being forward thinking and progressive are important because what works right now may not work in six months. If you can’t be flexible and try new ways of doing business, then you will be stuck in the past.

They know their WHY.

Those who have the strongest “Why” will have a strong business. They know why they are doing this business and it’s huge. What motivates them also moves them profoundly. They will hustle because they really have a need to make this work. They have something huge that they need to take care of and succeeding will help them get there. Huge goals and dreams are present in their thinking. You have to know what you are shooting for or you will be just blowing in the wind. No real focus or goal setting is happening. This person probably writes down their goals or has a dream board.

Their vision and goals align with yours.

You found a partner in crime. They have similar goals, motivations, and passions that mirror your own. Your styles and beliefs are probably very similar. They feel easy to be around and like they are a long lost friend. This leader is intent on helping you to come up with ideas, events, and plan your route to the top. Your passions are on on par with your team goals. You have the same ethical believes and values. Your business will be better with a person like this.

They have excellent communication skills.

Communicating with people is essential to a leader. They know how to follow-up with their customers and team members. They know how to show their teams how to accomplish their goals by creating a solid achievable plan with goals and action steps. There is nothing more frustrating to customers and team members when your leader is silent and not engaged enough for people to feel they are engaged. People will remember 2 things about a person: How they made them feel and the things things that they did.

They have strong BELIEF.

Those who succeed in their businesses will have a strong sense of belief. They will believe in themselves, their products or services, and they will believe in their company and their leadership. If they don’t believe in themselves, then they will not have the confidence to learn the skills they need to succeed. Strong product users are important. If they don’t believe in their own product, then how will they expect others to want their products or services? People are skeptical and they won’t use something that the leader doesn’t even use. Belief in the company is huge, especially belief in the leadership of the company. You will never have a business that takes off if you cannot stand behind the company or what the leadership stands for.

At the end of the day, you want leaders and team members that you can stand behind. You want the best for these new found family members and will be dedicated to work with them until their dreams come true. If you are not recognizing the signs above, then they may not be quite ready to lead the pack. This doesn’t mean they will never be ready, but they may just need some time. You never know when and who will be ready. NEVER write people off the possibility list, but be aware of how ready they may be. Don’t feel bad if you really want someone to succeed, but their belief isn’t quite there. They may still get there, but it’s not a reflection of you. We all know that this business is a personal growth program with a compensation plan. The business will grow as much as the leader is willing to grow. The team is only as strong as the leader.

The cream will rise to the top. Sometimes leaders will come out of no where and you wonder where they have been. This will happen more than not. You may not be able to get to know every person to the point you recognize the signs of a potential leader. You should know what to do when you realize they are rising up as a leader. Know how to help and support them. Let them know you are available for them. They may need you, but they may not need you. There are people out there that are leaders in their own right and may not necessarily need you to mold and guide them. These types of leaders truly are gems. Love them and embrace them. The capacity at which they need you may look differently than someone you help build up as a leader from the ground up.

You never know when your leaders will show up in your business. Sometimes you find them right away or by accident. Sometimes it will take you five years to find your leaders. No matter when be ready and know that speed is not necessarily the best for your business. Learn to see the bigger picture and learn to play the long game.

Comment below and let me know what you are looking for in a leader because there are so many desirable qualities.

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