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Questions and Answers: Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes

Whenever you are figuring out how to work your lashes, there are always questions! Don’t be afraid to ask them. No question is silly. If you don’t see an answer below, then ask questions in the comments!

Q: What are the differences between lash styles?

A: Every lash style is different as far as their length and design. That way there is a style for everyone and every occasion. They range from very simple to long and bold. Some or more tapered than others.

Q: How many anchors come with lashes?

A: Usually 8.

Q: What is the best way to trim lashes?

A: When I trim mine width wise to fit my eye properly, I find it easiest to trim a magnet length off by using cuticle cutters or nail clippers! Better control and accuracy than using scissors for me. Whatever you use, make sure it’s nice and sharp. Dull-ish scissors are not a friend to the lashes. Trim the outer corner magnet not inner and next to the magnet not leaving any excess lash band sticking out.

Q: Is ok to use mascara on your Tori Belle lashes?

A: My Tori Belle lashes are so full that I never need to put mascara on them! I DO put a coat of mascara on my own lashes first for them to blend better. I let it dry before applying my lashes. Tori Belle lashes do not need to get wet, so you wouldn’t be able to clean the mascara residue off of them.

Q: What are our lashes made from?

A: Nylon, to keep them lightweight and cruelty free 😍

Q: What are anchors?

A: Essentially a lash extension with a magnet attached, they sandwich your natural lashes for extra secure hold. You may use anchors alone to attach lashes or pair them with the liner or mascara.

Q: Do the lashes actually hold all day without using anchors?

A: They do!! I know we have many nurses in here that use liner only for their long shifts. If they are pulling up at the inner corner, then you may need to trim them to get a proper fit. Or you need to put more liner for the inner magnet.

Q: I keep losing my anchors, are they available for purchase separately or just available in the lash kit?

A: Yes, there is an anchor only set. Those little guys are easy to lose.

Q: I have clumps on my liner. Is there a good way to clean it up? (I wiped on the side when I pulled it out 🤦🏻‍♀️)

A: Q-tip! Clean out the mouth of the liner (around) DON’T push it in. I know it’s hard not to wipe the excess. I use a Q-tip to wipe my excess on and then I use it if I run out while applying.

Q: When placing my lashes I can never get the outer corner to stay down I have used both anchors and the liner. Should I apply that corner first and then my inner corner?

A: Have you trimmed them to fit yet by chance!? Some have to trim a magnet length off for them to properly fit their eye and avoid the corner from popping up.

Q: I have a couple customers say when they go to squish their lashes and the strip together that it’s taking the liner off too. One girl put a primer on beforehand.

A: If you are using liner you want to push into the liner, not down on your lash. If they are trying to fill a gap between their lashes and the magnetic lashes they can pop the anchors on to fill that.

Q: Is there a noticeable difference in the black and grey eyeliner colors?

A: Black on top and grey on bottom (see picture).

Q: Am I supposed to mix the liner up?

A: Yes, that way you get the best use of the magnetic liner. As you bring up the wand, swirl it around. Do not wipe excess on the side of the tube.

Q: What happens if I wipe the excess liner on my tube?

A: Your liner won’t last as long. It will get crusty and  into the tube.

Q: Can you use the magnetic mascara on the non-illusion lashes? Or just the illusion lashes?

A: You can! You just may need anchors for a more secure hold.

Q: What is non-illusion versus illusion lashes?

A: The illusion lashes have a thinner band than the regular lashes. Illusion lashes were designed to pair with the magnetic mascara. You can wear the magnetic mascara with any of the styles though. You can use the liner with the illusion instead of the mascara if you prefer.

Q: With our illusion lashes can you also use anchors? 

A: You can! You can use them for more security or alone.

Q: Do you prefer trimming your inner corner magnet off or outer corner?

A: Some prefer trimming the inner corner because they like the extra fluff on the ends. Some trim the outer corner and then use the extra piece to add more drama to the ends.

Q: Can you use just the anchors instead of the magnetic liner/mascara?

A:  Yes! With all our lashes. I’ve been using just the anchors ( ran out of liner) and I’m loving the look. Get yourself the plastic tweezers; they’re a big help in applying the anchors.

Q: What is the best way to clean the lashes?! I’ve tried the fingernail trick but looking for other ways!

A: I use my fingernails but you definitely want to be gentle❤️ the lashes are hand sown and delicate so you don’t want to be too rough! Be very careful to only get the magnets as getting your lashes wet can cause them to shed. You can also scrape GENTLY with an orange wood stick. Be very very careful when you’re cleaning though. You don’t want to catch the edge of the magnet with your nail or the stick. We used to advise using alcohol but we found it can damage the bond of the magnet on the lash band, so it is NOT recommended to use any water, cleaners, or alcohol etc.