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Tori Belle Magnetude Mascara: Tips to Help Ease Application

Great Tips and Demo video!

Magnetic lashes have 3 ways you can attach them. Liner is definitely the easiest way. Anchors are amazing and natural looking. The 3rd way is Magnetude Magnetic Mascara! This is probably the trickiest of the 3 ways, but once you get the hang of it you’ll feel like a boss!

First Major Point

Magnetude Mascara is not meant to be used like “regular” mascara. It is meant to be a base for the lashes. You should use 1 coat of “regular” mascara first. That way you your lashes are the color of the magnetic lashes and are separated by the regular mascara wand.

Do not get Magnetude on your bottom lashes because your lashes will stick shut from the magnets of the top lashes.

Since this is not used like regular mascara, it won’t go on the entire lash. You will only be creating a base for the lashes to sit on by applying only to the bass of your lashes near the lid.

Why are there 2 sides to this mascara tube?

Both sides of the mascara tube are mascara. One side has a liner brush, but is not liner.

  1. The side with the TB (Tori Belle) symbol is the mascara brush. That is the first side you will start with. You will use that underneath the lash as the base. You work the mascara through the lashes by doing a slight blinking motion (apply 2 coats). You can use the tip to get the inside corner and outside edge a little better for the outside magnets.
  2. The side with the liner wand is for the top side of your lashes. After you do the mascara wand on the bottom, then you will put 2 coats on top of your lashes. Playing close attention to each end. That is where the last magnets will stick. Those are the most important magnets.
    • Make sure you do all of your make-up first. Magnetude mascara is the last step before lashes.
    • Make sure you do 2 coats.
    • Have your q-tips ready. It’s a little runny and can get messy.
    • Make sure it dries for at least 2 minutes. You can use a hair dryer on the “cool” setting to help make sure it’s dry. If it’s not try completely, then they won’t magnetize.
  3. Once you get your mascara on and dry, then you can apply your lashes. The magic is in the pinch. Pinch them on to secure them.

My first couple times went awful!!

At first you don’t succeed, then try try again. I heard that somewhere. It’ll take you 3 or 4 times of trying the mascara to get the hang of it. My face usually looks like a black ink blog. I need to keep make-up remover really close when I’m attempting the mascara. I am a habitual eye stabber. I do it with regular mascara, but this is a little more liquidy than regular mascara or the magnetic liner. Q-tips are my friend.

Keep trying! Once you get the hang of it, then you will feel like you conquered the world.

Anchors Away!

Do you feel like you need a little more stability. Try adding an anchor to each end. No matter if you use the liner or the mascara…anchors can always be used to help with stability.

Don’t you dare!

Do NOT wipe your excess product on the side of the tube of the liner or the mascara. It will clump up and cause your product to not last as long. The clumps will get pushed into the tube. You do not want that to happen. I know it’s hard to resist doing it, but it’s important. You can use something else if you need to dab some of like a make*up pallet.