Is this normal for Seint IIID creme foundation?

Is it normal for them to look like this? Yep!!

If you have ever wondered why your creams sometimes have little air bubbles on them…⬇️

🐝 It’s beeswax!

Beeswax solidifies at a different temperature, which sometimes forms little air bubbles while cooling. You can smooth them out easily with your finger or brush.

Beeswax contains anti-inflammatory properties, which encourages the healing of acne & other skin irritations. My skin has come a long way since using Seint!

It’s also protective, by helping form a barrier between your skin & the environment {& elements☀️❄️💨}, WITHOUT clogging pores!⁣ Freaking amazing!

With only 11 high quality ingredients, this makeup defies “normal”.

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