Seint Skin Care

Seint has skin care! Whaaaat?!

And it’s the most soothing, moisturizing stuff around. If you’ve struggled with texture issues (dryness, oiliness, acne, dullness) then LISTEN UP.

Because this stuff is legit.

If you have a minute, checkout the backstory of how Milk came to be!

Below are pictures of a few of our customers and fellow artists. Check out their testimonials of Milk and the “Seint” Skincare set:

💁‍”I was pretty blown away after I saw the photos side by side. I’ve been a HUGE fan of our Milk for months but I saw an even bigger change in my face texture, redness and acne when I incorporated the Tres Leches system into my daily routine.” -Shae T.

💁‍”Not only has my redness evened out but the my skin is so youthful looking. Wrinkles have gone away in between my eyes and around my chin. My skin literally looks like it drank milk.” -Kacie C.

💁‍”I’m really insanely oily, and I love it! I feel like my skin just drinks it up. I like that it doesn’t leave a greasy film, because my skin does NOT need extra grease!” –Megan Y

💁‍”Hands down, the best moisturizer I ever used. My skin is even starting to clear up!!!” –Laura V

💁‍”I used it for the first time today. Oh. My. Gosh!!!” –Lanae D

“It’s like butter on your skin! Well without the oily feel!” –Becka H

💁‍”I LOVE it. Like for real. I was super skeptical and didn’t want to love it, because I didn’t want to recommend an expensive jar of cream. But I love it. And I just ran out and I’m dying! I need more!” -Lindsay H

💁‍”I was very skeptical. I’ve been using the wipes and milk almost exclusively for a few weeks now and my skin has never looked or felt this good. Even my husband noticed and said something. And I have insanely sensitive skin but it loves milk!” –Rachel V

MILK and the Seint Skin Care System. All three can be purchased separately or as a trio- when you purchase the set as a trio, you get 3 of our amazing microfiber face cloths for FREE! This entire collection is available for just $140.00!

Here’s the party link!…/party…/shop-all

Also, don’t forget to check out the newest members of our skincare line, the Milk Masque and Milk for Men!

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