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25 Days Of Fitmas

25 days of fitmas

π–π‘πšπ­ 𝐒𝐬 π…πˆπ“πŒπ€π’?!

A festive way to teach and support our community on how to stay on track through the holiday season!

We are so excited for this challenge we can’t stop smiling kind of like Buddy the elf…… β€œI just like to smile. Smiling is my favorite.”

We are happy to announce that Biohack50 is back with a Seasonal 25 Day Challenge!
Our challenge is open to everyone and we encourage you to jump into this amazing community!

This challenge is fun, will help you achieve a healthier holiday lifestyle, and it’s FREE!!!
Click the link below to get started. (put Anna Godfrey as your reference in the group questions)

Our 25 Days Of FITMAS prize vault is filled with CASH! Each day of our 25 Day Challenge will present a specific challenge. Participate, post your results and you will be entered in a daily drawing for $25 cash!

Our Challengers have a proven record of achieving amazing results by combining plΓ΄s, brān, zlΔ“m, uΓΌth and tΓΌΓΌn with exercise, hydration, adequate sleep and healthy eating habits.

velovita #biohack50 #25daysoffitmas

7 days until fitmas

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