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When should I take my Snaps?

Snap order

Don’t know when to take your snaps? I’ve got you! Whether you take 1 snap or all 4, I’ve got an answer for you. If this doesn’t seem to work, then let’s talk about changing up the order. Keep in touch.

Bran: Before 3pm

Plos: Before 3 pm (If you go to bed earlier, maybe before 12pm.)

Uuth: Before 5pm

Zlem: 30 minutes before intended bedtime.

Timing with other snap varieties:

Bran and Plos: We recommend to have Plos with your morning beverage and Bran a little later for added boost. This will help with appetite and cravings more throughout the day.

Bran and Uuth: This combination can be used either which way and you get great results either way. Uuth prior to Bran will offer a boost to the Bran effects.

Bran, Plos, and Uuth: A popular sequence is Plos with morning beverage, Bran as a late morning/early afternoon boost or pre-workout, Uuth as an afternoon boost or post-workout.

Plos and Uuth: We recommend taking Plos as your morning snap with Uuth as an afternoon booster.

Zlem with any snaps: Since Clem is a bedtime snap, the 30 minutes before bedtime doesn’t change, no matter what other snaps you use. Note: if you have your day snaps too late, you may have difficulty falling asleep regardless of taking Zlem.

These are just recommendations, play around with what works best for you. You will see benefits no matter how you take them, some ways just might feel like they work even better for you.

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