What does Seint Setting Spray Do?

Seint Setting Spray

Have you ever used a setting spray with your make-up? This is one that you will want to give a try, especially if you wear creme make-up.

Prime your Face

Before you put your creme foundation on, use Seint Setting spray. Take a damp perfecto sponge and spray some setting spray on it. Dab a thin layer of setting spray all over your face, especially in the oily areas. This is the first step to having your make-up last all day.

Fresh amazing scent

Don’t worry! This is not a flowery perfume scented spray. It’s fresh and clean which isn’t too powerful for those who are sensitive to perfume.

Keeps make up in place all day

Seint Setting spray is a key component in helping your make-up last all day long. Staying power is important in being confident your make-up stays fresh and glowy.

Tame your brows

Do you have wild brows? Spray this settings pray on your spooly brush and rub it in either brow wax or soap. You will be set up to tame your brows. You can do this step either before or after you use brow make-up. I have seen it used both ways and it’s a total personal preference the way you do it. No wrong way to use this for your brows.

Black Friday Liner

When using Black Friday Liner or a Seint Eyeshadow as a liner, this setting spray is key for lasting power. Spray some on your liner brush, then dip it into your liner product. You’ll see a difference in ensuring the liner stays in place.

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