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26 Tips and Tricks From Magnetic Lash Lovers

Do I want magnetic lashes? What if I don’t like them? What if I can’t get them to work properly? Should I do it?

Short answer, YES! Get them. Everything new is different. Everything worth doing will take a couple times to get it right. Lashes are no different. Once you get them, they are simple and quick to use.

Check out these 26 tips from lash loving lash-perts:

  1. Having trouble with your liner lifting and not sure why?? Sometimes it can come from having oily skin (like myself) or if you use face lotions or eye serums! Next time try putting a little setting powder down, or even a regular liner first, as a barrier before putting in your 2 coats of magnetic liner 😍
  2. Making sure that liner is dry is SO important.
  3. If the liner is too thick it might cause it to lift.
  4. Do ALL your other makeup FIRST! Liner and lashes LAST. That keeps them as clean as possible, which makes them last a lot longer!
  5. When using anchors only I put on a quick coat of siren mascara to hold my lash in place while I grab my anchors. It gives more stability for your lashes to sit in AND a better grip for your anchors.
  6. If you have any sensitivity to the liner at all or are not used to using liquid liner, by applying your own liner first it creates that base for you to trace on with the liquid liner. Makes it a little easier for you.
  7. After I put my lashes on I take a felt tip eyeliner pen and trace over the tops of my lashes to blend in the liner and the lashes, sometimes when I get them on, they may be on higher than the liner so by blending the liner they look seamless!
  8. My routine I have found the easiest is: Put on all face makeup and eyeshadow. First coat of liner. Do half my hair. Do a second coat of liner and one quick swipe of mascara to blend my lashes to the magnetic lashes. Finish my hair. Pop on my magnetic lashes and go!🙌🏻 maximizes my time!❤️
  9. Just learning anchors? Use a little magnetic mascara to hold the lash in place while you pop them on until you perfect your technique! 🔥🔥🔥
  10. Use pencil liner first (not only to act as a barrier) but also to act as a guide! It help me keep my line straight and not all crazy 😆
  11. My tip is to let the 2nd coat of the liner dry AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. It’s not a requirement at all but I also have oily lids and find this makes a ton of difference. So I do my makeup, put on one coat, then brush my teeth, put on a second coat, get dressed, sometimes even have my coffee before I put my lashes on. In fact, you can often catch me in the parking lot at work popping my lashes on before I walk in the door! 😉
  12. My tip is random, but it works. I also have oily eyelids, but I also pat down my liner with one finger (like I’m testing to make sure it’s dry) and after my lifting is SIGNIFICANTLY less. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s only weird if it doesn’t work, right? 😂
  13. I like to line up the end of my lash first when using anchors, that way I can get it seated just right 😍
  14. I find it easiest to put on mascara AFTER putting on the liner. That way my own lashes don’t get in the way when I’m putting on the liner.
  15. It takes THREE applications to find YOUR sweet spot and become a MASTER LASHER! Everyone’s eyes are shaped a bit differently, so where to put that first magnetic might not be the same spot for each of us! I have found time and time again, that YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO GIVE IT AT LEAST THREE APPLICATIONS, and all of a sudden….POOF…it’s like magic! You. Have. Found. Your. Sweet. Spot! You are now a MasterLasher!
  16. More than half my people end up needing to trim off one magnet to get a great fit. More than half!!!!
  17. I love Anchors only look, I put a white towel inside my sink, because momma be drinking too much coffee sometimes and I drop those suckers. The white towel catches the anchors and I don’t lose them, also I lean on my counter when I put them on. It keeps me steady so I don’t poke my eye & viola!
  18. Don’t attempt to do anchors only look with metal tweezers. It’ll only frustrate you. Get yourself a pair of plastic lash applicators. Worth every penny!
  19. Always, always store lashes in their case! This might mean throwing the case in your purse depending on what the day/night has in store!
  20. If you trim your lashes, move the little magnets in the back of the case so the lashes still fit nicely in the case! The little magnets jus slide closer together (otherwise it might look like one end of the Lash isn’t magnetizing to the case properly).
  21. For everyone saying they have this issue, it should also be noted that trimming your lashes to fit may ALSO be an issue ❤️❤️ I always have to trim a magnet length off mine ❤️ You want the inner corner to line up with the outer edge of your pupil, not to go all the way across your eye ❤️
  22. P3 pore minimizer will help keep liner on. Make sure it dries completely.
  23. When you trim your lashes, save what you trim as an extra thick anchor you can use either as an anchor, or add on top outside for extra flare ❤️
  24. Never throw your lashes away! Even after 30 uses, I trim mine up into layers and stack on top of my lash style for “new” looks!
  25. I have the same issue with oily eyelids. I use primer & concealer & eye shadow before applying the liner. And the 2nd coat I let dry 5-10 minutes 😉 Works great! ❤️
  26. Magnetic liner is the easiest to use for lash application. The mascara takes practice because it’s more liquidy. The anchors are easy once you get past the fear of applying them and removing them.

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