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Great Habits for Directing

SeneGence Business Basics is Direct! This step is where Distributors offer “The SeneGence Choice” to become a Customer or Distributor. It is a closing step necessary in determining the outcome of your Demo. Without this step, guests are left not knowing what to do next. Teach your Downline Distributors when and where they should Direct to effectively grow their businesses.

LIP Prompts. During Demos, Distributors should be offering the SeneGence Choice each time they see a pair of lips in the Beauty Book. This will re-inforce the options available for guests so that when the presentation has concluded, they most likely have already decided if they are going to be a Customer or a Distributor.

Closing the Demo by Directing. Each Demo should be concluded with the SeneGence Choice. From there, the Distributor will be able to Direct each Guest based on the decision they made. Assist those who have chosen to become Customers by helping them complete their purchases, booking a SeneBlends Demo or Glamour Demo, and asking for referrals. Help those who have decided to become a Distributor by helping them with their purchase, booking their Launch Glamour Demo, and setting up a date for initial training.

Follow up with Guests. Some Guests may have not decided to become a Distributor or Customer at the Demo. Follow up with them a few days after the Demo to extend the SeneGence Choice one more time. At this time, they would have had more time to consider if they want to become a Customer or Distributor.