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Have You Tried Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes?

What better to pair with my make-up biz than magnetic lashes?! I am so excited to offer these in edition to my favorite make-up and skin care.

Some of the lashes offered from Tori Belle

What are the ways to attach Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes?

There are 3 ways you can apply them:

  1. Magnetic Liner-easiest and feels most secure.
  2. Magnetic Mascara-trickier and takes some time to master.
  3. Anchors Only- easy and great if you don’t want the liner look.

How many uses do you get out of 1 pair of Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes? You will get 30-40 wears from 1 set of Lashes.

Can I sell Tori Belle Magnetic Lashes if I sell a different brand of make-up?

The answer to this is YES! There is a magnetic only option for Tori Belle. You can offer your customers a link that only promotes the lashes. This is great for those who are in love with a different brand of make-up. Tori Belle is the only company that offers the lashes and they wanted anyone to be able to offer them to their market.

Tori Belle does have their own line of cosmetics, but they are known for their magnetic lashes. Their cosmetic line has shadow and lip colors, but it is very limited. If you choose the magnetic only option, you do not have to promote the cosmetics. You will always have the option if you choose to in the future.

If you have people join your team, they will have the option of doing magnetic only or they can offer all the Tori Belle products.

Is this a viable opportunity?

Yes! This is a huge opportunity. There are less than 25,000 affiliates in the US. Canada is beginning the pre-launch process very soon. The growth of this company is rapid and you do not want to miss the magnetic lash boat. This product is special, affordable, beautiful, and fun.

Proper Placement of your magnetic lashes.

If your lashes are irritating the inner corner of your eye and/or are lifting on the edges – it’s most likely because you need to trim them.

How to apply your lashes.

How to care for your lashes.

Tips and tricks for your Tori Belle magnetic lashes.

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