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Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment vs. SeneSerum-C: What’s the Difference?

Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment is a powerful, multi-benefit skin care product with clinically proven ingredients that target and help to correct damage (dark spots) and visible signs of aging caused by age, environmental factors, acne scars, and skin pigmentation change. Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment produces an instant radiant effect on skin, along with long-term benefits with ingredients like Vitamin C, E, A, B3 and SenePlex+ Complex.

Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment serves a different function than SeneSerum-C. SeneSerum-C contains highly stabilized Vitamin C, which is known for reversing cellular damage and its skin-brightening effects; however, SeneSerum-C is specifically designed with SeneShield to protect skin from effects of urbanization and pollution. Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment, on the other hand, is specifically designed to target dark spots and dullness caused by environmental factors, scarring, or hyperpigmentation for a brighter, more radiant complexion. SeneSerum-C is applied all over the face, while Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment is applied directly to problem areas.

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