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What is SenePlex Complex, and why should you know about what it does?

Many of our SeneDerm SkinCare formulas and creamy SenseCosmetics products contain a proprietary skin care ingredient known as SenePlex Complex. This is an active kinetic enzyme with a unique combination of ingredients that, when used properly, accelerates cellular renewal growth at a rate never before seen in the skin care and cosmetics industry: an amazing 23.3% over an 8-week period.

SeneGence SeneDerm Anti-Aging Systems and the SenseCosmetics product line all provide the maximum benefits for the user’s skin while providing a healthier, more youthful look.

Make SeneDerm Anti-Aging and long-lasting SenseCosmetics products part of your daily routine for a more beautiful and radiant complexion.

***Seneplex Complex is in all of our foundations!