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Creating your SeneGence Travel Kit

If you’re travelling this season, you will want to be sure to bring SeneGence products with you that will help moisturize and protect your skin from dry, recycled airplane air and different climates. Here are our must-have products to bring with you on the plane or in the car:
1.Climate Control: This amazing spritz-on anti-aging moisturizer not only gives your skin a refreshing dose of pure hydration, it also helps your skin adapt to whatever climate you’re in, which is especially crucial when travelling with recycled plane air. A full-sized bottle is safe to travel with, as it’s an airline-approved size.
2.LipVolumizer or Lip Balm: Both of these clear, matte lip treatments deliver intense moisture and beneficial botanicals and vitamins to lips.
3.SeneSerum-C: This incredible serum contains pure, stabilized Vitamin C for antioxidant protection, and our proprietary SeneShield ingredients, which help to shield skin from pollution and free radicals. It’s a must to protect your skin when travelling to new destinations.
4.Hand Cream: Our SeneDerm Hand Cream seals in moisture and contains shea butter for rich, emollient protection. It also reactivates with rubbing hands or water- so a little goes a long way!
5.EyeLuminator: The perfect product to perk up tired eyes after a long flight or drive, EyeLuminator is a mix of our moisturizing EyeCreme and luminous Pearlizer. It highlights, brightens and protects, all in one!