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Fooops Dual Phase Color Remover

Remove long-lasting SenseCosmetics quickly and easily with this unique, easy-to-use formula that activates when shaken. It gently whisks away all makeup including waterproof LashSense Mascara, while conditioning and refreshing the skin. Ideal for all skin types, it leaves the face and eyes feeling cool and relaxed without an oily residue.

Fooops is the best product you can use to completely remove your SenseCosmetics before using 3-in-1 Cleanser. You can apply it with a cotton ball or round, or simply use your hands to spread the product on your face, let sit, and then rinse away.

Tip from the Field: If you prefer a spray application for Fooops, you can use the top of your Climate Control bottles. When you have finished a Climate Control, simply unscrew the spray cap and screw it onto your Fooops bottle for a perfect fit!

✨ Tip of the Day ✨

Can your wipes do this??

Fooops! Wipes not only remove dirt, oil and makeup, it also contains Vitamin B complex which is essential for formation of new healthy tissue. It also helps to condition and hydrate lashes and brows! 😍