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A Little Background on Non-transferable Lipstick

In 1999, our company was launched with just 6 Lip colors. The owner Joni Rogers, a single Mom at the time had a vision of a long wearing and non-transferable lipstick that didn’t have to be reapplied as babies played with their moms faces.

You can say that this company is well ahead of the game, it has only been in recent years that other companies are trying to compete in this space, but they will never have what we have, a patented formula that has been under lock and key all of these years!

But there’s more, Joni took the same technology found in lipsense and infused it into our other products like the eyeliner, blush, eyeshadows, brows, and even the foundation!

We have been the early adopters in this space and are dominating the market now with our products. We are producing as much and many times more lipsense than HUGE retail brands that you are seeing in your drugstores! This is not hype, it’s a known fact!

This picture is much more than a collection of our products, this is an opportunity! As the demand for our products continue to rise, we need more and more people to help distribute.

I can’t recall a time when the cashiers at the drugstore or SEPHORA ever paid me commissions when I referred friends to try their products. What about you? How close are you to winning a new car? Going on an all inclusive trip?

The answer to all of your troubles are depicted here! We have products unlike anyone else on the market and we have a compensation plan that lucratively rewards you to brag about our products to your friends!

The only thing missing from this photo is YOU!