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Seasonal Sponsoring and Sales

Don’t let your business slow down during the different seasons! Take advantage of the social opportunities that a new seasons presents to grow your business. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Look for local events, festivals and fairs that you can visit or book a table.
  2. Utilize the tools on the new SeneBiz app to promote your business on social media.
  3. Are you at the ball park? Swipe your hand (with LipSense color stripes), take Beauty Books and business cards and WOW to get new contacts and bookings.
  4. Try summer/winter customer appreciation methods such as sending out an email and newsletter thanking them, and offer a gift or promotion.
  5. Run a fun contest on Facebook and make sure to collect email addresses for SeneService.
  6. UTILIZE any downtime to send out Abundance Fragrance cards, Acclaim Magazines and Beauty Books.
  7. Set up once a week in a local salon and offer spring, summer, or winter-proof makeovers.
  8. Summer Demo theme and booking ideas: Beach beauties, party by the pool, LipSense and lemonade, LipSense lunch hours, beauty and BBQ, summer skin.
  9. Winter Demo theme and booking ideas: LipSense tea party, winter skin care, movie night and makeup.

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