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Unique Tattoo Cover Up Solutions

Water-proof, long-lasting SenseCosmetics are so versatile, they can even temporarily cover permanent tattoos. Whatever reason you want to cover your tattoo up, it’s nice to have a solution.

To cover dark or black tattoos:
In order to effectively cover up a dark tattoo, you need to neutralize its tone first. To do this, completely cover the tattoo in one or two layers of a dark red LipSense shade, such as Red Cherry or Brick, and let it dry completely. Then, apply several thin layers of MakeSense Foundation to match the skin tone. Set the entire area with Translucid Powder in Natural. The tattoo will vanish!

To cover light tattoos:
The process for covering up light tattoos is the same except for the LipSense shade used underneath. Completely cover the tattoo with one or two layers of a light mauve shade such as Praline Rose. Then, follow with MakeSense Foundation and Natural Translucid Powder. Voila, gone!

If you don’t want to cover up a tattoo, try highlighting it. This technique is easy, but has major impact! To highlight a tattoo, add some ShadowSense Shine (any sheer shimmery or glittery) onto a brush, and trace the tattoo, making sure to blend the product. Apply more on areas you want to emphasize. The fine glitter particles will highlight and make the tattoo shine!