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Beautifully Bronzed Skin in Three Easy Steps

How to achieve a beautiful bronze glow with the help of anti-aging SeneGence BodyCare favorites!

  1. Start by exfoliating skin with SeneDerm Smoothing Body Scrub. Made with volcanic ash from the Vanuatu Islands, soothing aloe leaf juice, and anti-aging SenePlex+ Complex, this scrub gently removes dull dry skin to reveal a healthier natural glow. It also allows for better absorption of other skin products and is the perfect way to prep for the next step.
  2. Now that skin is exfoliated, apply Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk to skin starting from the feet, working up. Take care to protect hairline, heels, elbows, knees and light eyebrows with SeneDerm Moisturizer (face or body) to avoid uneven color. Made with a moisturizing coconut milk blend, nourishing vitamins A, B, and E, and anti-aging SenePlex+, this product provides a way to safely achieve a tan while simultaneously delivering skin benefits. Let skin dry completely before dressing and wash hands immediately after application to avoid staining. Results typically last between 3-7 days. To maintain intensity of the tan, reapply every 2-3 days.
  3. When you’re ready to head out to show off your tan, scoop out your desired amount of Shea Butter Body Cream and apply a few pumps of MakeSense® Pearlizer and apply to chest, arms, and legs to accentuate your bronzed skin. Not only will you add another layer of anti-aging SenePlex+ to your body, you are also adding a fabulous shimmer with the help of MakeSense Pearlizer while moisturizing your skin.

Tips for a Beautifully Bronzed Face

Bronzer is designed to help achieve a sun-kissed look any time of the year by adding warm color to places on the face where the sun would naturally hit. Whether you’re using a cream formula like Bronze BlushSense or a powder formula like Bronze Dust Translucid Powder, make sure that you apply bronzer correctly by following these tips!

Do not apply bronzer to the entire face. If you want a deeper shade, don’t do it with bronzer (try Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk instead). If you’re simply trying to add warmth to your face, bronzer should be applied only to areas where the sun would actually hit like the forehead, tip of the nose, chin, and from the temples down to right below the cheekbones.

Choose a color with a warm tone. You can’t add warmth to your face by using a shade that has a cool undertone. Shades with cool undertones (like Moca Java ShadowSense) may create the illusion of shadow instead of adding color to the face. For colors with true warmth, use Bronze BlushSense, Bronze Dust Translucid Powder, or MakeSense® Pearlizer blended into a deeper warm foundation shade.

Build color. Don’t overload your face with bronzer in one go. Instead, build the color up slowly by adding sheer layers at a time. If you apply too much at one time, take a clean SenseCosmetics Stippling Brush and buff away the excess product until the color is blended.

With these simple bronzer tips, you can achieve a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow no matter what season you’re in!

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Great Habits for Directing

SeneGence Business Basics is Direct! This step is where Distributors offer “The SeneGence Choice” to become a Customer or Distributor. It is a closing step necessary in determining the outcome of your Demo. Without this step, guests are left not knowing what to do next. Teach your Downline Distributors when and where they should Direct to effectively grow their businesses.

LIP Prompts. During Demos, Distributors should be offering the SeneGence Choice each time they see a pair of lips in the Beauty Book. This will re-inforce the options available for guests so that when the presentation has concluded, they most likely have already decided if they are going to be a Customer or a Distributor.

Closing the Demo by Directing. Each Demo should be concluded with the SeneGence Choice. From there, the Distributor will be able to Direct each Guest based on the decision they made. Assist those who have chosen to become Customers by helping them complete their purchases, booking a SeneBlends Demo or Glamour Demo, and asking for referrals. Help those who have decided to become a Distributor by helping them with their purchase, booking their Launch Glamour Demo, and setting up a date for initial training.

Follow up with Guests. Some Guests may have not decided to become a Distributor or Customer at the Demo. Follow up with them a few days after the Demo to extend the SeneGence Choice one more time. At this time, they would have had more time to consider if they want to become a Customer or Distributor.

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Sponsoring New Distributors – What’s Next?

  1. Onboard New Distributors. This involves showing them the ropes of their new business by teaching them the fundamentals of WOW-ing, Booking, Demo-ing, and Directing. Take them out WOW-ing with your team and show them how to book Demos. Invite them to shadow you on your Demos so they can see how to present products and Direct by offering the SeneGence choice. Encourage them to go through the training manuals included in their NDK (and also available in their Back Office) for detailed business building strategies regarding WOW-ing, Booking, Demo-ing, and Directing. Once they know and understand this business cycle, they will be ready to put it into practice.
  2. Book their Launch Demo. New Distributors need to announce their new business and create excitement by hosting their Launch Demo. Make sure that you work directly with your new Distributor to get a date on the calendar so that they can begin earning profits and building their own team as quickly as possible. Ideally, their Launch Demo should take place within their first seven days.
  3. Introduce them to SeneGence recognition programs. Share the amazing benefits and recognition programs that are available to new Distributors and help them create goals to achieve them. Inform them of the Jump Start Program, which offers a 50% discount off retail value for any 300+ PV orders they place within their first 90 days. Let them know that they can earn free products by taking advantage of the Fast Start Program. Motivate them to begin building their own Downline and consistently earn commissions by sharing the benefits of joining the ranks of SeneGence Royalty. By walking them through the many incentives available to them, they will be able to set clear goals that will push them to succeed.
  4. Introduce them to your team. Whether you schedule a meet-and-greet or invite them to join your team’s Facebook Group, introducing your new Distributor to the team will offer them encouragement and the support system of the SeneSisterhood. They will gain access to many more SeneGence entrepreneurs who can offer advice, friendship, and emotional support.
  5. Encourage them to attend trainings. By constantly learning and reinforcing their knowledge, new Distributors will be able to acclimate more quickly to their new business. Remind them about the various online trainings conducted on a regular basis. Show them how to access the Event Calendar located in their Back Office to find local training events. The more they get out of these trainings, the better equipped they will be to succeed.

With these actions, you’ll begin to build a great relationship with your Sponsor and help them take the first steps to success!