What do you know about probiotic?

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What do you know about probiotic? Check out these quick facts!

Did you know most probiotics are only about 10% effective (so basically, they don’t do anything for you)?

Did you know that a probiotic NEEDS to have a way to ensure that all the good bacteria makes it past the stomach and into the intestines, where they actually do the work?

Did you know that a high CFU count is not important, unless you are just padding the numbers, because you know 95% of the bacteria is going to die before it can ever get where it needs to go?

Did you know that you would need to eat 23 servings of a popular name brand yogurt a day to introduce a useful amount of probiotics into your system?

Did you know that without:
♦an antifungal you can’t kill bad bacteria
♦digestive enzymes your body can’t break down the bad bacteria-> the good bacteria & antifungal work to kill
♦prebiotics to feed the good bacteria and help it thrive

You are wasting your money on a probiotic?

Don’t do that! I hate wasting money more than anything.. except maybe people who think the earth is really flat!

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