Tips to Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger

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Makeup Tips to Make Eyes Appear Bigger

The shape and size of our eyes is determined genetically, and there’s hardly anything that we can do about that. But using clever make-up techniques, we can always create an illusion.

Use white eyeshadow: This is a tip from make-up artists. Using white/ other light colored ShadowSense near the tear duct, on the inner corner of the eye, and on the brow bone will instantly give an illusion of opened-up and lifted eyes. ShadowSense in Snow is perfect for this.

Do not over-do the eyeliner: When lining the eyes, do not make a full circle around the eye. Apply EyeSense or ShadowSense very close and very thin to lash line on top, making sure to extend your line beyond the outer corners. For bottom, only apply to outer corners of lash line, or not at all.

Perfect your brows: Groomed, arched eyebrows create a flattering frame for the eyes. Accentuating your eyes will make them appear larger. Use BrowSense or ShadowSense to create your perfect shape.

Define your crease: Putting a medium color in your crease will define your lids. Use ShadowSense shades such as Smoked Topaz, Copper Rose, Granite, Pink Posey or Garnet on the creases or your lid. Use a brush to sweep the color in an arc shape, from the outer corners to the center of eyes, and blend well.

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