It Was Time to Begin Again: Part 1

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“Why are you beginning again?” This could be running though your head right now as you read this.

Along my journey to the top, I have had so many amazing experiences. From being a top money earner to writing a leadership book to traveling, my journey has been a blessing. Those are just a few of the things that I have done along the way. You really do get out of network marketing what you put into it!

Why would I leave all that?

There are so many reasons why I would leave something so great. After several years with the same company, some things didn’t really sit well with me. I was really successful, but it was really hard trying to keep people motivated who were struggling in the business. The business that was supposed to be easily replicated, really wasn’t. If my people weren’t happy, then I wasn’t happy.

The focus of the company went from humble and about helping everyone began to look a lot like other undesirable companies. The focus on making big bucks, having islands, and owning fancy cars started to take over. The leaders I respected started changing. Humility became less and the ego began to grow.

To align with my believes, I had to make a change. It has really taken me 2 years to stumble across something I really think is worth a go. It’s time to run again and I cannot wait to help my new teams out. I cannot wait to tell you about WHY I chose Modere!

Check out Part 2!

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