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Have you been thinking about joining SeneGence? My goal is to give you the basics about the business because I hope that you join me on this amazing journey! I love this business and I can’t wait to help you grow yourself as a business owner and leader.

How much does it cost to start?

It’s $55 to start your SeneGence business whether you use it for a personal discount or to build a successful biz! The kit comes with some informational fliers, but no product. You can add on a Lip kit for $75 that contains enough product to demo on 1000 people.

Lips Kit

Lip Kit:

You will get–>

✔️6 tester size lipsense in our top colors

☑️ glossy gloss samples

🔴 beauty books

What is the product discount?

You will get 20-50% discount depending on your order size. Orders accumulate throughout the month to increase your discount rate up to 50%. Discount accumulation resets each month. I recommend making sure orders are at least 300pv that way you can get at least 40% commission when you sell your product at retail price.

In your first 30 days, every time you have 300pv in your cart your discount will be 50% instead of 40%. We want to help you start maximizing your profits right away! This is a great way to jumpstart your biz with 50% earnings.

Discount examples and levels to maximize your product:

How do I make money?

2 ways to make money:

  1. Personal Sales: You will get 20-50% commission depending on what you purchase your product for. We are a whole sale biz which means you purchase at wholesale and sell at retail. Example: Sell one Lipsense starter kit at $55. If you purchased your product at 50% then you’ll profit 27.50 on that kit.
  2. Team Building: SeneGence is a direct sales business meaning if you share our opportunity, then you will earn commissions on team sales. The best strategy is to recruit as many people personally as possible. That way you are sharing the amazing products and giving others the opportunity to earn some money as well. If you are interested in making more than $1000 a month, then this is a great way to increase your earnings faster.

Here is an example of the compensation Plan. It might be complicated to follow, but compensation plans are always complicated to follow. Just know that the make strategy is to recruit as many as you can and get your team to do the same. We want to touch as many women’s lives as we possibly can either as friends, customers, or team members.

Other incentives!

  1. Car Allowance: Once your team sales reach a certain sales volume it will trigger a car allowance. When you earn the car allowance you will get funds to lease or buy a blue car (any shade of blue). To maintain you just need to keep your sales up at that level by working your business consistently.
  2. Significant Seller Program: If you sell 750 pv in your first or second month of being a distributor and each month after, then you will become a significant seller. Your shipping will be faster, you’ll get a shipment with a new product when we release new ones, plus a few other perks!
  3. Trips and other incentives! There are always trips and incentives to work towards each seminar year. There are leader trips and trainings you can attend throughout the year. You can also become a certified make-up artist. 

Do I have to grow a team?

NO! You do not have to grow a team. You can earn quite a bit just in personal sales during parties, online, and demo appointments.

Do I have a quota each month?

There isn’t a quota each month, but to keep your account active you just need an order of 100pv every rolling 6 months.

How do I get commission qualified each month if I want to earn team commissions?

If you have a growing team and you want to earn commissions, then you must have 300 pv in personal sales each month.

Is there a renewal fee?

Yes! Each year you pay the $55 to renew. This fee each year allows you the rights to sell Senegence products.

Is there a replicated website?

Yes! You can get your own website. It’s $30 maintenance fee each month. If you choose not to do your site, then you can sign up to do the Customer Direct Order program (CDO) which is free to all USA distributors. Signing up for this allows people to order with your distributor number on the main SeneGence website and you’ll get credit for their orders.

How do I take payment for orders?

You can use Square or Paypal to take payments for orders. Then you can pack the order with the Senegence order form as a receipt.

Can a salon or boutique sell SeneGence products?

Yes! The salon or boutique can sell SeneGence products if they don’t already carry competing products. The salon or boutique can have no more than 3 locations. If there are more than 3 locations, then it is not compliant to sell Senegence products in their businesses.

Where to I enroll?

You can enroll on my team with this button!

Join My Team Here


Who do I contact with basic questions about the business when I start?

That would be me! I will answer all your questions. I will brainstorm with you and help give you ideas to guide you in a successful business. I cannot do the work for you, but I will be here to guide you.

Are there company events that I can attend?

Yes! When you enroll you’ll be able to access the company calendar in your back office. They list all trainings and where they will be. If you show up, then your paycheck will go up. Meaning…training and learning more about your business will help you to be more successful in the long run. If you train, then you’ll feel more confident.

Beauty Book

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