Social Media Faux Pas

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Pet Peeves of Social Media Marketers!

We are blessed with the ability to make the world a lot smaller via Internet and Social Media. Belly to Belly marketing can be made easy at a distance with the internet.  The marketing world has evolved and if you pass social media by, then you and your business may become irrelevant.

When you grew-up your mom taught you manners at the dinner table, how to act in public, and how to treat people.  When you are a business owner and professional you learn the etiquette of how to network and interact ethically with other business owners.  There are also behaviors, etiquette, and mannerisms via social media and the internet that are appropriate and not.

There are many people exposing their business via content sharing, blogging, and social media.  Businesses have been able to raise the bar with marketing because of the internet.  As with business, there are also social media and internet marketing innovators.  With innovation comes the imitators, the bottom feeders, and the takers.  Annoying? Yes!  A problem?  Sort of…We’ll call these issues “high class problems”.

The “cooler” you become via the internet the more followers you have following you.  With followers comes people who will copy your ideas.  “Copy Cats” are the highest form of flattery.  People want to duplicate your success thus they will do what you do.  If you find it annoying that people copy you, then you must get over yourself.  This is definitely something you need to get over.  Success is something you can duplicate; you must be successful if you have people trying to copy you.

Let’s get down to business!  Let’s discuss the “Faux Pas” of social media and the internet.  Yes it’s flattery to be copied and looked up to, but there are some things that are just rude or not acceptable.

No No’s of the Web:

  •  Please do not copy and paste someone else’s blog post and use it as your original work on your blog.  People work hard on their content and they deserve credit for their original work.  At least post a link saying “here’s the original author” or “check out the original posts”.  Give credit where credit is due.  
  • Do NOT EVER take someone’s prospects via social media.  If someone is running a Facebook ad and is generating engagement and interest with it….it’s not okay to start friending their prospects and contacting them.  If it’s not your ad, not your page, or not your friend, then you need to back off.  People will remember if you steal from them and they will not forgive behavior like that.
  • When someone posts something exciting about them or their business, DO NOT post something rude or negative.  Do NOT make it about you.  Do not start talking about your product.  If you don’t have anything nice or positive to contribute, then don’t comment at all.
  • Do not complain on other people’s profile pages or your own.  No one wants to see negative nancy on the internet.
  • Do not debate everything.  No one wants you to prove them wrong all the time.  No want wants to be taught all the time.  No want wants to debate about everything.
  • Do not turn something meant to be silly or innocent into a political debate or turn it into an issue that it is not.  If you are looking to be offended about everything, then do not go on the internet.
  • Social media is meant to be social!  People are there to have a good time.  Leave the drama for the llama.  Drama doesn’t belong on the internet.  People want to meet nice people on the internet NOT crazy people, not perverts, not rude people, and not mental terrorists.
  • Keep it classy and keep it appropriate for everyone.  I do not want to see pornography in my news feeds and no one else does either.  Social media is not a porno site…if you want to see that then go to a porno site.
  • On Google Plus, it is not okay to try to video chat people you do not know.
  • Google Plus and facebook are not…period.  I am married and I am not there to have an online affair.  If you are looking for love then there are plenty of dating sites out there.  Go look for love there please and give up the social media stalking.
  • Don’t call names…this isn’t elementary school.  Grow the heck up!
  • Not everyone is internet savvy, please don’t use their information for malicious purposes.  Have some ethics and just be nice.
  • If you are running a business, then DO NOT curse every other word.  No one wants to do business with a person who curses like a sailor.
  • Do not air all of your dirty laundry!  No one needs to know your daily drama.  Again, no one wants to do business with someone who cannot get their life straight.
  • Cut the complaining out!  Focus on what you can control and focus on what is going right in your life.  If you complain about the same things over and over, then either do something about it or deal with it.  If you can’t stay positive in your life, then who would want to do business with you?
  • Yes it is your personal or business profile, but face it….not everything is all about you.  What are you doing to provide value to other people or help other people?  We want to hear about how you improve those lives around you not how you can’t get your shit together.
  • Lighten up!! Not everything has to be serious.  Learn to chill out once in a while because not everything is a battle.

Well, I guess that is about enough honesty for today lol.  Take it as you will, but I hope that you learn something about how to “Be” online…or how “NOT to Be” online.  If you burn bridges in real life, then real life becomes very lonely.  If you burn bridges via the internet, then you will find yourself without followers.  The internet can become very lonely too.

Be Social!

Be Valuable!

Be a Good Person!

Be Honest!

Be Ethical!

Be Real!

Be Friendly!

Be the “BEST YOU” you can be!

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