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Social Media has taken business and network marketing to the next level!

It’s amazing how the internet has made the world smaller and business opportunity bigger. To avoid the risk of becoming irrelevant in business you must become social. Social media is a way to help drive traffic to your websites, attend to customer service more personally and effectively, and keep you ahead of the marketing trends.
A good business person stays ahead of trends and are always seeking the next big thing. Some social medias come like a hurricane and you must hop on and ride through the social media influence storm. We must not count any social media out. Each platform adds something different and will have different types of users, thus expanding your reach.

Nerd Girl SEO’s Guide to Basic Social Media:

  • What to think about before posting!
  • Getting Started with Pinterest and why you need to love it!
  • Facebook for the Small Business!
  • Twitter-tastic!
  • Instagram Tips!
  • Profile Tips!
  • An MORE!

This Guide is for you if:

You are looking for some basic social media advice and help!  You need to know where to start and what to focus on because you and I both know that you can get overwhelmed with all the different platforms.

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Lead like a hero, do the work you love, clear mental roadblocks–NowSuperhero Leadership Cover

Anna Godfrey and her husband went from struggling due to the recession to paying off their mortgage and earning a five-figure monthly income within less than a year. After paying off her mother’s mortgage too, Anna now lives a life that allows her to work from home and care for her family’s everyday needs. Superhero Leadership is an eight-chapter framework for identifying your strengths, getting motivated, and doing what you truly love. Combining lessons from real and fictional leaders, research of “hero” psychology, and Anna Godfrey’s personal lessons drawn from her focused experience in the direct sales industry, Superhero Leadership: The Superbook for a Leadership Mindset, will help you overcome fear and doubt about you capabilities and inspire you to embrace the positive.

Why This Book Is For You:

-You’re ready to stop being a bystander and start making a positive difference in the world–through your own business, your actions, or those you influence.

-You want to earn money doing what you love, balance your life, and educate yourself so that YOU can teach people how to lead.

-You want to clear your mind of any demons, also known as villains, and gather the superhero’s confidence already within you.

-You’re curious about how a mother of two who didn’t go to business school, didn’t run a company, and never earned a high-paying salary quickly paid off her debts, retired her husband, and began earning a five-figure monthly income in less than a year.

-You’re looking for a new leadership framework to share with your family, your community, and your co-workers.

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