Do Not Fear the Lip Exfoliation Process

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Don’t fear the exfoliating process of LipSense. Your lips have years of wax build up on them from chapsticks, glosses, and lipsticks that have wax and other non-complementary ingredients for your lips. Once your lips exfoliate properly…you will have healthier lips! Your lips will become less dry.

What exfoliating might look like:
The color not lasting very long, color chipping away, or maybe a little tingling sensation the first time you use LipSense.

What to do:
Use ONLY the clear glossy gloss everyday for a few days, then try your color again. Make sure your Lipsense layers are thin when you do use your color. Make sure you shake your color so it’s mixed. Don’t tap your tube or pump the wand in the tube. Go to bed with clean lips and ONLY Glossy gloss.

STOP using lip products that have wax, unnatural ingredients, petroleum…or any sort of harmful ingredient.

What to never do:
Do not use your Glossy gloss over other lipsticks. It’s not formulated to work the same with other lipsticks. You also do not want to get other lipstick on your wand or in your gloss container. Lipsense is dry before you gloss…so it doesn’t get on your wand or in your container.

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