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It’s always hard starting something new! Everyone begins at the same place…excitement and anxiety all at the same time. At first you think, what will people think about me starting over? Then you realize that there is nothing to be nervous about. Who cares what people think?

Only YOU know when the time is right to begin something. Opportunity presents itself when the timing is right usually. There is a reason you meet certain people. There is a reason you run across people at certain times in your life. If you can’t stop thinking about the opportunity, then it’s probably the right opportunity for you. You just need to think, why not? Why not do this? Can you really be worse off than you are now? The answer to that is probably not.

I had this worry and fear about building something fast and grand, again. I did it once and I was worried that I couldn’t do it again. Daphne, my sponsor, really expressed her belief in me. Sometimes you just need that one person who believes in you before you believe in yourself. Once you find that person, then you realize all those fears in your head were silly. They aren’t real. Don’t worry about something that hasn’t happened yet. With business, your success depends soley on YOU. So just keep trying, you can’t lose.

I’m going to be bold and just tell you what I need! I need you to go on this amazing journey with me. It IS your time, especially if you are taking the time to read this. I am looking for 5 new customers and 5 new team members before Wednesday…lofty goal? I don’t think so. I think it’s a realistic goal!

We are having an 8 week challenge for our customers that starts SOON! There’s still time! Check this out.

Two different ways to win! Both first place prizes $500 in cash!!!

Plus – there are some extra special Things going on right now!!!! Definitely worth a conversation!

What would you do with the money if you were the winner?

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