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Is natural deodorant scary or amazing?

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We’re talking Modere natural deodorant today. Is natural deodorant Scary or Amazing? It’s not scary! You know I’ll keep it real. If you are a follower of mine, then you know if I don’t like it I won’t use it or promote it.

What’s that smell?

If you are smelling something, then you aren’t wearing Modere deodorant! Trust me ya’ll, you can feel free to run through life confident and odor free. I’m gonna break it down and tell you what I think.

How do you apply it?

Modere deodorant is a roll-on! I was skeptical because I never used one before. I’m use to the solid, flakey, creamy stick deodorants. I wasn’t sure I was going to like a roll-on. My fear was it wasn’t going to be as effective as my aluminum filled chemical stick. It took me a day or so to let my guard down and feel confident about the roll-on. My conclusion is that roll-on is easy and it works.

How does it smell?

There isn’t a strong smell. It’s more of a clean natural smell. Usually if it has a strong smell it has some sort of perfume or chemical in it. This has coriander, sage, eucalyptus, and aloe which is a subtle clean combination of smells.

How does it make your armpit feel?

Your armpit is skin! We shave it, put chemical stick deodorant on it, we tan it, and really don’t put a lot of moisturizing products on it in fear or stinking. I would say my armpit wasn’t exactly as soft as I wanted it. After I started using this roll-on, my armpit got softer…yes I felt my armpit! I attribute this to the aloe in the deodorant.

What type of skin can use it?

This is for every armpit out there! All skin types: men, women, teens, soft skin, rough skin, regular skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, and other skins. If you have skin, then you can feel confident this can go on it unless you are allergic to the ingredients (you can always check ingredients via the website before you order).

Does it work?

I was nervous to try it. I’ve tried other natural deodorants and never liked them. They would make my armpit sticky, stinky, or itchy. So naturally, I’m going in skeptical. This is easy to use, no weird rituals involved like heating it up or holding under hot water to soften and apply. You roll it on, then go about your day. Did it keep my armpit fresh? YES!!! I couldn’t believe it, but it worked. Not only on me, but my 11 year old who lives and breaths running and soccer. It even lasted through her soccer tournament. She loves it too. It was her idea to test it during her soccer tournament. She got really excited that I ordered her one for herself.

“It works really good.”  Alayna Godfrey (my daughter, 11 yrs)

What are the negatives?

There isn’t a ton of negatives for me, but I’ll name a couple. I wish the bottle was a little bit bigger, but I think the size is reasonable for the price. Ya’ll know how costly natural products get, but this is reasonable. My daughter and I shared 1 and it’s been going strong for a month.

I wish I would have read the instructions! Bahaha, don’t forget to let it dry. It is liquid, you do need to let it dry. It doesn’t take long to dry though.

One last thin, I wish it said how much to apply. Sometimes I think I go overboard on application. I think with most of Modere products a little goes a long way. I have to get out of the mindset of “more is better”.

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